The Crown on the Ground

Go ahead and rise to fame if that's what you want. Become the successful grammy and oscar-winning artist you've always dreamed of. Maybe then you'll feel loved--loved by all the people who will become infatuated with the idea of you through your music, movies, and glamorous life with all your pretty designer dresses and perfect photos. You'll finally be popular. You'll finally feel adored. You'll never feel lonely ever again. The fans will feel like they know you, when really all they know is the girl they see on tv and magazines; it's just what you've always dreamed of. But remember what you love, and do what you want because you love it if you know what's good for you, not just to please others or to feel instant gratification. Don't live your life seeking approval from those around you; you'll whittle yourself away. Pursue acting and music because it makes you feel complete.